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Drew Sander

Drew was 3 years old in July of 1962 when four young boys played “gas station” in the garage. While filling the car with a five gallon gas can one of them lit a match, lighting the car and garage on fire. Nearby construction workers heard the explosion and pulled them out of the fire.

Drew (on the right in the Santa image) was burned over 40 percent of his body. He and his brother spent approximately 4 months in the hospital and were in and out of the hospital 3 to 4 times a year until the age of 12 for skin grafting. He recalls going to a public pool with his brother and not being allowed in because they were afraid they would scare the other children. This is why Drew fervently believes that young burn survivors need to experience a camp where they’re accepted and look no different from everyone else.

He works as a security executive for a food distributor and as an umpire for Little League baseball on the weekends.


Joe Matits

Joe was a young boy when he was burned in August 1979. He was in the woods with friends when a spray paint can was thrown into a fire. The can, because it was under pressure, shot out like a missile, hitting Joe on the left side of his body and exploding. Joe sustained third-degree burns over approximately 30 percent of his body and was hospitalized for 44 days. He underwent numerous skin graft procedures at St. Barnabas Medical Center.

Joe currently is a police officer serving in New Jersey.

All of the individuals involved in the foundation work as volunteers so your donation can be used for improving the lives of children burn survivors and their families.